Our Services

Starlink Installation

Our experienced technicians can set-up and install your Starlink satellite to ensure you are receiving the high speeds and low-latency service Starlink provides.

This service is ideal for those looking for better access to internet in rural or remote areas, including mobile homes and caravans, or just for those looking to improve their current internet service.

Digital TV Antenna Installation.

We specialise in digital TV antenna installation. We carry a full range of quality antennas, masts, cables, terminals, splitters & outlets. All our work is completed to digital television standards and tested with a high quality digital signal meter to ensure that your television reception will be the best it can be. All antenna installations include our tune-in service to optimise your television system.

TV Tune-in
Tuning in your TV, Set-top-box, Video or DVD recorder is not as easy as most think. If you have no idea where to start or if you have tried and failed then we are here to help you.

We will optimise your TV by ensuring you have access to all the Freeview channels and by deleting all the duplicated channels from your system. We will configure the components of your system for maximum ease-of-use and will train you in the use of it.

Once we have tuned your TV and are familiar with it we can also assist you over the phone if you need to re-tune it in the future if you move house.

3G & 4G Mobile Phone & Internet Antenna Installation
We supply and install a wide range of specialist high gain antennas to dramatically improve mobile phone and wireless internet reception in regional areas. These are not your typical cheap desktop antennas, rather large roof mounted antennas that have outstanding results. The variety of products in the marketplace to “boost” your mobile reception leaves most people scratching their head and it often seems all too difficult. If you would like more information about how we can help improve your mobile phone and wireless internet reception we are more than happy to talk to you over the phone or via email to give you the information you need to upgrade with confidence.

Satellite Installation
We offer a broad range of satellite installations including the very popular VAST satellite service (standard free-to-air TV via satellite). We also sell portable VAST satellite kits specifically designed for travelers to enable them access to free-to-air TV anywhere in Australia. We call this kit the TravelSat V2.

There is a large range of international TV channels available in Australia via satellite. Some of these require the installation of a large 2.4m C-band satellite dish and others are available using a standard Ku band dish similar to the dish used for AUSTAR or Foxtel. If you are from overseas and looking for TV from from Indian, Pakistan , Bangladesh, China, Philippines and many other Asian/Pacific countries, call us on 0468 998788 for an obligation free quote.

Locally in Toowoomba we the only installers of Christian TV via satellite. There are currently 13 Christian TV channels available totally free 24/7. All that is required to access these stations is an initial setup & installation of the required equipment which is a one off fee in the Toowoomba area. We are happy to travel outside of the Toowoomba area however additional travel charges apply.

Additional TV Outlets
We can install outlets and cabling for extra TV sockets to almost any part of your home. In most circumstances our fee is standard per additional outlet if your home is on stumps and we can run the new cables under your floor. If your home is built on a concrete slab in most cases the cabling has to be run through the ceiling cavity and down the wall cavity. This type of installation requires a lot more labour and are therefore charged at a higher rate per additional outlet.

Home Theatre Set-up
We can wall mount your flat panel TV, interconnect with your surround amplifier and DVD player. We carry a selection of HDMI, Optical Digital Audio, and Composite/Component Video cables in varying lengths to ensure optimum sound & picture quality. We can also wall mount your surround sound speakers and conceal the cabling in the walls and ceiling. A selection of flush mounted wall or ceiling speakers is available for those requiring a sleek, professional look.

Flat Panel TV Wall Mounting
We carry a selection of mounting brackets for flat panel Plasma or LCD TVs. We can wall mount your flatscreen TV and conceal cabling to the other system components (DVD, Amp, PVR) in the wall cavity (subject to design/construction constraints of your home).