Caravan Satellite Kits

TravelSat-V2 Portable Satellite Dish with LNB and Carry Bag

Perfect for the caravan. This satellite dish features folding LNB arm, elevation scale, integrated triangular base, collapses down flat and packs away in its own padded bag.

TravelSat V2 Portable VAST Satellite TV Deluxe Kit

The easiest to use portable satellite kit in Australia. As a premium dealer we offer first class service and quality advice for travellers considering free-to-air (FTA) satellite TV. 

TravelSat-V2 Portable Satellite Dish with LNB and Carry Bag

The original folding dish design has served over 7,000 happy travellers and now, after 5 years, we have the version 2. Even stronger and better than the first.

With fold up arm, the TravelSat-V2 dish fits neatly into its padded carry bag. The dish is supplied fully assembled and is ready for you to connect your satellite finder straight out of the box.

The entire dish folds down to only 17cm depth inside the bag.

An elevation scale is adhered to the tube and is easy to read and accurate.

The dish reflector is 75cm side to side and 83cm top to bottom and the entire package weighs around 4KG. This dish will provide good signal coverage in all of Australia.


The benefits of this style of dish are:

  • No separate tripod is required. This reduces weight by up to 5KG.
  • Less space. As there is no tripod required, only the dish needs to be stored.
  • Setup time is about 30 seconds to have the dish ready for alignment.
  • Alignment is easier than a standard tripod mount dish.
  • Lower cost.

The disadvantages of this style of dish are:

  • The base is intergrated into the dish on the TravelSat-V2 and can cause problems on rocky ground. The ground does not need to be level but it does need to be flat for the base to be stable.
  • It cannot be pole mounted. If you would like to mount your dish on a pole on your drawbar consider our TravelSat SP75 dish

TravelSat V2 Portable VAST Satellite TV Deluxe Kit

NOTE: If you live in, or are travelling through Toowoomba, call us to organize a demonstration of this awesome product at our home office.  Call us to book your demonstration.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying a cheap portable satellite system only to find that it doesn’t include some of the most important items such as the Altech UEC 4921 VAST Satellite decoder (valued at $299), quality digital satellite finder (valued at $189) or even cables to connect everything together (valued at $65).

You can buy from us knowing that absolutely everything you need to watch free-to-air Satellite TV on any television is included in our kit.  We even throw in a few spare parts in case you lose some bits along the way.

Our popular TravelSat V2 Portable VAST satellite TV system will give good signal reception around Australia.  The TravelSat kit comes complete with:

  • 75cm V2 dish - Our most popular portable dish just got even better.  We’ve improved the design by zinc coating the reflector (dish panel) so it’s much more robust and more corrosion proof, we’ve changed most of the bolts to stainless steel, changed the square elevation tube on the back to a zinc coated round tube (moves much more freely), welded on peg tabs and more.  All in all, a better dish at no extra cost.  
  • LNB – this is the  device that is fixed on the end of the satellite dish and receives the  reflected signal.  We have these engraved with numerical values as it  need to be in the right position depending on where you are in the  country (charts supplied)
  • Digital satellite  finder – when only the best will do.  We don’t cut corners with our TravelSat kit by including a cheap satellite finder.  We’re now supplying the TravelSat 4200HD, Australia’s best REAL digital satellite finder in every kit.  What makes this the best meter is its ability to only identify the correct satellite.  You will only see signal quality when you hit the right satellite. Features LCD screen (easy to read in full sunlight) with built in beeper that will alert you when you ‘hit’ the right satellite as well as an easy alignemnt screen with signal STRENGTH and signal QUALITY that will only register a percentage value when you are aligned to the Optus C1 satellite.  This is a fool proof system and works straight out of the box with the Optus C1 satellite pre-programmed.
  • Quality cable. The best quality cable as used by pay TV installers.  We supply as standard:
    • a short cable for the dish to connect to the meter
    • a 10m cable from the dish to the caravan wall
    • internal 1m cable from the inside wall to the decoder.
  • Eziplate. It’s the easiest weatherproof wallplate to fit.  Simply  locate the VAST satellite decoder in your preferred location, drill a 13mm  hole straight through the wall (checking for cables of course prior to  drilling), push the EziPlate through from the inside and fit the rubber  and stainless washers, nut and silicon weatherproof cap on the outside.  Done in 5  minutes.
  • Satellite decoder -  we supply the Altech UEC 4921 VAST decoder.  The unit is both 12V and 240V and can be run from a cigarette lighter socket in your van.  The unit is high definition with HDMI output.  Comes complete  with the VAST smartcard (remote control and standard AV cable is included).
  • Instructions and  tech support. Well laid out, clear and concise, easy to follow.  Armed  with the right gear, the right instructions and support if required from  the best guys in the business, you can’t go wrong.

After setting up the system, you’ll need to register the included smartcard in order to gain access to all of the entitled channels. To do this you visit and click on the travellers registration button.   If this seems rather intimidating just call us when you are in front of your computer and we will talk you through the process.

Your smartcard can be access by opening the flap on the right hand side of the VAST decoder and the card number can be read from the underside of the card.  This number is required to be entered on the travellers online form. Within 24 hours you’ll have full access to the channels and you can then take your system anywhere in Australia and enjoy the signal reception benefits that only satellite TV can provide. Each activation period lasts for 6 months so you will need to revisit the MySatTV site and click on the travellers renewal button. This is easy and quick and only requires your surname and smartcard number for another 6 months access. Easy and streamlined and NO CHARGES APPLY.  Plus, you can renew an infinite amount of times.