We want you to buy online with confidence knowing that when you get to the checkout there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when it comes to shipping costs.

We offer $15 flat rate shipping on all of our products (except our antenna mounts, caravan satellite & antenna kits and satellite dishes) regardless of the size of your order.  This means that on the majority of online orders we will actually lose money on shipping costs and occasionally on very small orders our $15 flat rate will actually be greater than the actual shipping costs.



We have enormous confidence in the quality of the products that sell and therefore we are more than happy to pay the full shipping costs if you ever receive a product from us is faulty.  The only condition we place on this is that you must contact us first and we will advise you on the shipping method to use for the return.  We will not pay the shipping costs under any circumstances unless you contact us first and you follow our instructions for the return of the product.

We appreciate your business and we will do everything possible to help you buy with confidence knowing that if you ever have a problem with one of our products you won’t be left to carry the financial burden.



We understand that regardless of how competitively priced some online products are, it is the combined cost of the product plus shipping that is most important to the purchaser.  This is why we offer $15 flat rate shipping on all of our products (except our antenna mounts and caravan satellite & antenna kits) regardless of the size of your order.


From time to time we get orders online from remote parts of Australia where shipping costs are extremely high.  We recently shipped an order to Kangaroo Island under our $15 flat rate shipping policy and the actual cost of shipping was $57.95 which means we had to chip in the extra $43 (which we gladly did on this occasion).

On some small orders it may not be financially viable for us to subsidize the shipping to this extent and on these rare occasions we will call you to discuss what you would like us to do.  If you have already paid for the order via PayPal when we call and you choose to cancel the order (because we cannot offer $15 shipping) we will offer you a full refund and pay all transaction fees (if any).