TravelSat-V2 Portable Satellite Dish with LNB and Carry Bag


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Perfect for the caravan. This satellite dish features folding LNB arm, elevation scale, integrated triangular base, collapses down flat and packs away in its own padded bag.


The original folding dish design has served over 7,000 happy travellers and now, after 5 years, we have the version 2. Even stronger and better than the first.




With fold up arm, the TravelSat-V2 dish fits neatly into its padded carry bag. The dish is supplied fully assembled and is ready for you to connect your satellite finder straight out of the box.





The entire dish folds down to only 17cm depth inside the bag.





An elevation scale is adhered to the tube and is easy to read and accurate.

The dish reflector is 75cm side to side and 83cm top to bottom and the entire package weighs around 4KG. This dish will provide good signal coverage in all of Australia.




The benefits of this style of dish are:

  • No separate tripod is required. This reduces weight by up to 5KG.
  • Less space. As there is no tripod required, only the dish needs to be stored.
  • Setup time is about 30 seconds to have the dish ready for alignment.
  • Alignment is easier than a standard tripod mount dish.
  • Lower cost.


The disadvantages of this style of dish are:

  • The base is intergrated into the dish on the TravelSat-V2 and can cause problems on rocky ground. The ground does not need to be level but it does need to be flat for the base to be stable.
  • It cannot be pole mounted. If you would like to mount your dish on a pole on your drawbar consider our TravelSat SP75 dish



KITS AVAIABLE (kits include satellite meter, VAST decoder, cables, etc.)

TravelSat-V2 Portable VAST Satellite TV Kit (LITE)

TravelSat-V2 Portable VAST Satellite TV Kit (DELUXE)


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