SF3239 Digital Satellite Finder


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Essential for the caravan or camper trailer. This new meter redefines the term 'satfinder'. Pre-programmed for the Optus C1 satellite and is ready to lock on to the VAST service on this satellite. ..read more

NEWSFLASH – UPDATED MODEL JUST RELEASED. View the SF600 by clicking this link.

This meter redefined the term ‘satfinder’ when it was released.  It was one of the first meters to come pre-programmed for the Optus C1 satellite and ready to lock on to the VAST service on this satellite.  You can of course use it for pay TV as well.  The meter will positively identify the correct satellite and will ignore all of the others so you get the right one every time. The SF3239 has an easy to read LCD screen (easy to see in bright sunlight) with a great signal strength and quality readout that will only register a signal and beep when you hit the right spot.  If you already have a sat system and find it difficult or time consuming trying to lock on each time then the SF3239 is for you (please also consider the new SF600)

For the user who wants to search for other satellites, the SF3239 is fully programmable and can be used on any other satellite if required.  Simply browse through the satellite list and choose whichever satellite you want to find.  You can edit transponders, edit satellite names and edit the LNB frequency if need be.  All in all, it’s a fully functional finder that rivals other meters at twice the price.  By default, the meter is setup for Optus C1 so if you only want to use it for VAST, Foxtel, Austar or Aurora then it’s ready straight out of the box.



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