Altech UEC DSR4639 Dual Channel HD Recorder for VAST


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NEW PRODUCT – The most requested product in short history of VAST satellite TV is finally here. A dual tuner VAST decoder with inbuilt 1TB hard drive for recording. It’s even runs on 12 volts!


The DSR4639 is a value engineered Dual Channel High Definition Personal Video Recorder for VAST utilising a 2.5“ hard drive which makes it a very compact recording device. Based on the STi7105 (Mpeg2/4) high speed processor, the DSR4639 can process 3 streams simultaneously and has multiple video and audio outputs operating at the same time to cater for most installation situations.

Key Features-

- VAST certified.

- Simultaneous 2 channel recording and playback of recorded file from hard drive.

- Simultaneous 2 channel recording and watch third from within a network.

- 8 day Electronic Program Guide.

- ECR (Episode Chain Recording).

- 3 record modes ( Manual, Timer and via EPG ).

- Chase play ( watch a recording from beginning while still recording ).

- Pause live TV.

- Event based Timeshift.

- Preset recording offsets ( early start, late finish ).

- Trick modes ( play, FFW, REW, pause, jump back, jump forward).

- Software upgrade via USB & OTA.

- Grouping and Sorting of recordings.

- HDMI output.

- Large 1TB hard drive for up to 800 hours of recording.

- Stores time-shift data to be saved as a recorded program


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