Phased Array Digital UHF Caravan Antenna Kit


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Ideal antenna kit for the caravan or camper trailer. This kit contains absolutely everything you need to setup an antenna mounted off the A-frame of your drawbar and receive digital TV.

This caravan antenna kit will allow you watch the full range of HIGH DEFINITION digital TV channels in all areas around Australia serviced by free-to-air TV transmitters.  The phased array antenna included is designed to pick-up UHF frequencies which are the most common frequencies used outside of the major metropolitan areas around Australia.  When used with the included amplifier (booster) you will also receive good reception in most metropolitan areas serviced by VHF transmitters.

This kit comes complete with:

  • Compact Phased Array Digital Antenna
  • Drawbar mount
  • 3.6m telescopic mast
  • Quality cable.   The best quality cable as used by pay TV installers.  We supply as standard: 1 x 10m external cable with F connectors (used if you want to watch TV in an annex or outdoors), 1 x 6m external cable with F connectors (the most commonly used cable in  most situations) and 1 x 1.5m cable to connect internally from the  amplifier (booster) to the wallplate.
  • Amplifier (booster).  To ensure that you receive the best possible picture in fringe reception areas.
  • TV Signal Strength Meter to assist you to align your antenna with the nearest or best) transmitter.
  • Instructions and  tech support.  Well laid out, clear and concise, easy to follow.  Armed  with the right gear, the right instructions and support if required from the best guys in the business, you can’t go wrong.

All of the items in this kit can be purchased individually through our online store.  Due to customer requests we have grouped the items together as a kit for ease of purchase and to make sure you will have absolutely everything you need watch free-to-air TV whilst travelling.

If you only need some of the items in this kit and not others please select add them individually to you shopping cart rather than email us with a request to modify the kit.

We have included a compact Phased Array antenna in this kit as it’s size and design make it very easy to store and transport.  As this phased array antenna was specifically designed to pick-up UHF frequencies if you intend on spending a lot of time in the major metropolitan areas of Australia you might want to consider our Combo “VHF/UHF Digital Antenna Caravan Kit” as an alternative.  The antenna in this kit is slightly larger but it is specifically designed to pick-up both VHF & UHF frequencies.

If this all sounds too confusing call Paul on 0468 998788 for advice on the best kit for your needs so you can buy with confidence.


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